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Happy New Month & Happy Last Quater in the year 2019.

Been awhile, trust your goals/plans are taking shape. Mind you, 8 month is gone, 4 left! What’s going to be will not be, what you do will be.

Today, I want to share briefly my thought and 50+ other people’s thought on the topic of financial success. I bet nobody wants to be poor, If you know any, let me know (cos i don’t know any).

The survey carried out with the responses below clearly shows that SUCCESS or RICHES is relative.
What makes one feel rich, makes another feel poor and vice versa.

The reality I discovered is that, you and I have to define success, wealth, riches on our own terms.
What does success mean to you? Why do you want to be rich? It’s a personal question demanding personal answer.

Below, I have gathered over 50 personal answers to this persnal question from people seeking riches across the world, reading this will possibly open you up to some deeper realities, and inspire you in a kind of weird way. You definitely will read some WHY and you will laugh, some might make you cry, few angry, or even paranoid – but whatever it is, don’t take it personal, It shows we all don’t want the same thing in life and hence the concept of abudance for all lies.

Let’s get into it; WHY DO YOU WANT TO BE RICH?


It is for the freedom that money gives one to do the things you want to do and love doing whenever you want to do them. i love new things and experiences, adventure and exploration and money affords you the luxury and freedom of selfishly indulging in that whenever the desire calls.


Money is not everything but everything need money. in this generation.


I would like to help those around me that need a place to stay, food to eat, clothes to wear and medical attention they cannot afford. I would like to build RESCUE Missions, Soup Kitchens, Thrift Stores and Medical Units such as Fast Pace or a Community Hospital that is not greedy. I would like to teach the men and the women how to get on their feet, kick the habit of smoking; drinking and narcotics and live a full rich life. How not to be lazy; how to get out and attack the world by storm in a legal manner.


To have the freedom to do more: travel, help others, give freely and take care of those who can’t take care of themselves. To pay it forward in a bigger way. To ensure my children’s and my grandchildren’s futures. To show the nay-sayers that it can be done.


So that I may accumulate generational wealth, I want to have access to resources, bigger and better investments, I do not want to be rich I want to be Wealthy, and money not be a limitation.


I’m the first of my linage to even think about being rich, those who came before me think it’s a fantasy. I’m only 19 years old and I’m already tired of poverty. I see the luxurious part of life and I want that for myself, my family, and my friends. I need to be the one to turn things around for those who come after me.


I have very specific reasons for wanting to be rich. First and foremost for the level of freedom wealth brings. Secondly to restore my family’s inheritance pro perty and by doing so increase my family’s position in prosperring . I have 1 business idea which I have 30 plus years experience in it and a service that can serve the masses for the good.


I want to prove to myself that I can do it and that I can be successful.


First of all, why do I want to be poor? I need to see the other side of the coin. I need to know how rich look at the world and how the world looks at them? Moreover, living as a poor for entire life will be boring right.


The more money you have, the more opportunities you have!


I have multiple health problems (multiple autoimmune conditions). I don’t want to be a burden to my children and grandchildren. Instead, I want to use my gifts and abilities both to provide for myself (including some likely future health complications) and to enjoy life with my children and grandchildren for as long as I am able. On the other hand, I have numerous income streams (both earned and passive), the funds are well-invested in diverse assets, AND I’m 3/5 finished with a Ph.D. in research/quantitative psychology for a second career, to keep myself intellectually active. Not awful for a retired schoolteacher and granny of three, hmm?


So that my wife and children can live the life of their dreams.


-Happy family.
-Millionaire Fastlane reasons (read book by MJ DeMarco).
-Enjoying wealth while young.
-Exotic holidays with a woman of my dreams.


I want to prove to myself that I can do it and that I can be successful.


I want to be rich so that:
a I can fulfill all my parent’s desires which they sacrificed for me.
b I can travel to all the places, I want, without worrying about expenses.
c I can buy anything I want without having a second thought.
d I never have to travel in public transports.
e I can escape this middle-class life.


In order to live a quality life you must solve a global problem. I will be one of those people.


To be frank. I deserve to be rich. The world is there to be discovered and even though money won’t bring wisdom or discipline there’s something defeating about not having enough of it. May we all remember God even with our wealth.


I want to have the experience of finally not worrying over bills and money. I am extremely rich in spirit, life, family, and mind and I am ready to feel the bounty of financial wealth along with it. I have spent my life raised by a single mother, abandoned by my father at the age of 6 just like Audrey Hepburn and I myself have raised my kids, been a victim of domestic violence that resulted in my being kidnapped because of trying to leave him. Although many years ago it led me to pursuing my degree in PT, raising my BEAUTIFUL family and seriously acquiring huge levels of emotional, unstoppable strength. I am writing my first book and working on developing workshops and have a huge dream to succeed in helping many people while inspiring them along the way. In terms of being wealthy! It’s MY TIME! I want to feel the freedom and lift of financial struggle and I want to be able to develop my workshops, name and opportunities to get my gifts out into the world. Money would certainly help! I believe It is also my birthright to feel and experience this before I die!


Because I wanna have a financial freedom.


I know that i can be a global benefactor when I have the proper resources. I plan to invest in stocks and real estate to grow and support exponential abundance and wealth. I want to leave behind a legacy for my son and future descendants to look to with pride and follow. I also want to provide financial assets so that my son does not have to unsure the unnecessary troubles that I faced due to lazy and apathetic parentage and preexisting dysfunctional family values. I want the best for myself, my family, and my friends who believe that they are worthy of the best as well. I am currently a college student working toward acceptance into the University of Oklahoma’s MD/PhD dual program where I can practice my passion of helping others maintain health manage medical crisis while also researching neurological breakthroughs and other life-enhancing government experiments. The town I live in is grotesquely underfunded and I would love to enhance the public and higher education facilities with much needed materials, special provisions and technological improvements once I come into wealth that would allow for such philanthropy I also want a political platform from which I can work for assurances of the common well-being as well as the businesses that supply the public demands. There are many outdated laws, ideas and philosophies that are still promulgated and govern the structure in which the people of this region live and having the financial support to bring about changes in the social structure to increase the quality of life for these people is another reason I am seeking wealth. I would love to collaborate with others in order to affect fundamental and technological advances for my state, my country and my world. But I will not stop there! Collaborative funding for any space exploration and planetary colonization projects are concepts that I will help see to fruition. While I seek out ways to better myself as a person while I am still learning, monetary support will enable me to expand and produce my best ideas and manifest my best philosophies for all of humanity to enjoy.


I want to be rich because I want to help the helpless or poor .


Because I want luxuries, the finer things of life because those things are amazing.


Simple. I want to live my Life without any liabilities to anyone but me. So that i can finally spend my Days only with sitting on a Armchair, and playing Videogames.


In this world, if you’re poor, achieving your goals and dreams in life are insanely hard. But, if you’re rich, you can actually achieve them in a lenient way with hard work and hustling. I wanna be rich, because, I wanna live my life in my own terms. I wanna have my financial freedom. I wanna help the society in any way I can. I wanna leave my personal mark in this world.


I grew up at the lower end of middle class. I didn’t have a lot but we never wanted for anything. When my parents split up, they both were on the loosing end financially. I remember that for a few months we didn’t have heat in the winter, and I kept all the lights off, so that I wasn’t using hydro or eating very little so that my younger brother had more food. My parents didn’t teach me anything about money so when I went out on my own I had a huge issue with paying bills at first and my credit suffered a huge hit. After 5 years of struggling, I have finally got myself out of debt and my credit score is on the mend. I wan to wealthy so that my children never have the struggle I did, so that if my parents or friends are ever in a bad situation, I can help them out. I want to be wealthy so that I never have to tell my kids they can’t do something, purely because I don’t have the money to afford it. Lots of people say Money isn’t everything, but you need it to live. Almost everything that you can think of, the better option costs more money. Public vs Private school, high school vs college, McDonald vs Healthy restaurant, apartment vs House, I don’t want lack of money to hold me back, and I will not let it hold back my children either.


The reason why I want to be rich is to invest money in the business and having my own business and having collabs and able create a charity to help people in needs but I have to earn that by working hard so when I look back I will be proud of myself.


I want to be able to travel, be a blessing to family,friends and the unfortunate. Also, I want a life style!


I want to be rich so that I can pass the lessons and the lifestyle that will teach my son, and his future children, and further into the future how to live life to the fullest. I want them to value hardwork and sacrifice and to help them become self sufficient, not dependent on the government, other people (leeching),or living off their parents. I want to enjoy what is to come in the future without the worry of not having enough money.


I would like to be rich because I want to give me and my family the luxurious life I always dreamed of. That is of course while we can.


I want to be rich because I have dreams. One of my dreams is to put all my grandchildren and my step daughter into one of the best colleges in the world. Also, I love to travel. Just to see all that God created. Live in a nice home under ground lol. And just enjoy life.


To help myself and others. Like the oxygen that drops down in a plane that’s crashing, money can help me survive and then help others to survive and to find parachutes to escape the stupid poverty plane crash! If money represents life then oxygen is the best analogy. I want to be rich so I can help everyone breathe better…live better! Then we can all leave the limited cabin of despair called poverty and enter the limitless construct of the wealthy wild blue yonder. Plus, being rich is fun!


To help change the world and my family legacy. You can only do so much without money backing it up. As Steve Jobs and Apple says… ” The ones crazy enough to think they can change the world….are the ones who do.


I’ve always admired the lifestyle of living in luxury and had dreams of being there one day. When you live like that you have no problems and get to live life to the fullest. I plan to make it my one true goal.


As a measure to how much I have served society. No ill gotten wealth.


Because in this world being rich is way better than being poor.


Frankly, I’ve always wanted money since I was a toddler. I truly smile from the inside when I get paid. It makes me feel free & independent. Plus, it attracts the necessary people who can help me earn more. Oh! I want to be rich because I love being rich.


Well they say money can’t buy you happiness, the strange thing is poverty can’t buy you anything, not happiness, love, shelter, food nor a pet. I want to be rich so that I can leave a permanent mark on this earth, I want to personally contribute in ensuring that kids go to bed/school with a decent healthy meal. Being rich will help me make this world a better place, I want to help those who do not see the hope. Rich people have the best of everything, good relationships, nice homes, good health, nice cars. I want all of that.


I want to be rich because i like having my space and freedom. Im 27 but ive been told often that i have expensive taste or critized for wanting certain foods and admiring those who are wealthy. To be honest i cant help it! I love what i love and those who are rich are people i would like to learn from. Even if im a college student and single parent i still feel in my gut that my hard work will pay off and ill have this kind of life. So to answer your question better: i want to be rich because i want to have the freedom to do what i like without critism or forced to reconsider. I want to know that if i spend money its fine cause i no longer have to worry about whether or not i can afford it. Lastly to take care of my family, i would love to one day put my daughter in a great school and take her traveling with me so she can see what the world has to offer. Also to be able to give my mom the option to finally relax cause shes worked all her life and still working. She needs a break. Is that a good answer?


To help my family and myself and to help ones in need.


All of the hurdles I currently face in life are financially related. Right now, I am not making enough money to invest in the opportunities that would put me on the road to wealth attainment. Thus, I have to go to others (angel investors, banks, friends, etc.) to try and convince them that my ideas have merit. Begging and pleading has never been my strong suit. I want to be rich so that I never have to do this again. In short, I want to be rich so that I can do the things I want to do in life, and never have to depend on someone else to write a check for me.


Money = freedom.


I will be rich because , i need to experience life to its fullest potential , be of assistance to those who need it and enrich others in every way possible.


I’m tired of being poor. I’m tired of the excuses I wake up giving myself daily and I’m tired of limiting my potential. I’m a single father and I want to set the proper example for my daughter so that she can be successful someday. Also, get her started on the correct approach by sharing with her the right information.


There is a lot!! to do in life for every human and there is lot to watch about the world around us . All this is not happened when ur poor in other words when ur not rich enough……This is only my perspective to ur question.


I want to be rich not for the money, rather because of my intense desire for status.


Peace of mind.


To be able to say i made it and to not have to worry so much about paying for this and paying for that and if someone needs me i can help instead of saying i dont make that much money.


So I can afford a lot of nice things. Duh.


I want to be rich so I can empower others to live abundant lives. Give back and give into my community while creating a legacy. I want to be known for my outstanding work in philanthropy, building communities and have school, hospital wings, libraries and museums.


So money isn’t a limitation in my life.


Because in this world being rich is way better than being poor.


So that my life can be meaningful eventually.


I hate to lack things, so I must be rich.

Whatever may be said in praise of poverty, the fact remains that it is not possible to live a really complete or successful life unless one is rich. No man can rise to his greatest possible height in talent or soul development unless he has plenty of money; for to unfold the soul and to develop talent he must have many things to use, and he cannot have these things unless he has money to buy them with. Even to develop spiritaully, the bible and quran you have to buy with money.

I know you also want to be rich at one point in your life.
I am curious to learn from your reason.
Drop your comment below.




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