Dear Reader,

Let me officially welcome you to the month of March 2019.
And also remind you by the side that 2019 1st Quater is running off in few days.
How far have you gone with your goals/plans/targets?

Remember, a patient dog eats the fattest bone (as the saying goes), but they forgot to had “After an Impatient Dog had eaten the whole Chunk of Meat”.

So, get to work. March is here with PLENTY of OPPORTUNITIES for you to grab. Don’t wait for things to happen; Make things happen.
And avoid distraction by all MEANS!

Ok …
For everyone of you who applied, Congrats! Congrats because you made a move. The first law of SUCCESS is Showing Up. Be positive, be expectant. Like I mentioned on the Whatsapp Group – for those who submitted a good application (logical and detailed enough), your chances is over 90%, the less than 7% remaining is Favour/Luck/Goodwill powered, because the application is competitive.
So, my advice – pray, engage law of attraction, and do all you can.
But above all, remain OPTIMISTIC.

Talking about opportunities, as one door closes another opens.
That’s life. It’s what it is.

Till date; I have benefitted from over 7 International and Local Grants Opportunities including but not limited to Expenses Paid Trips for Trainings within and outside Nigeria.

And this year 2019, just within January & February, I have applied for over 10 Grants and All Expenses Paid Training & Forums. Talking about increasing your own success chances, it means doing more – my goal is to submit 200 applications this year…. lol (we die dere – no jokes – no option than to succeed).

So, in few days I will be sharing with you MY A-Z GUIDE ON APPLYING FOR THE POLLINATION PROJECT GRANT. Get Set For It.

If you have an NGO or Social Project With Impact that is just starting or new; you get the $1000 All for FREE, no paying back.
If you have a business or business idea; just starting or started but young; you get the $1000 as a LOAN for 2years before paying back with ZERO interest. And when paying back, you are paying to someone else who need the LOAN not even the organisation. Intersting right?

Watch This Space for more infromation.
Keep in touch; you can even join us on the Whatsapp Group. (Oooh… don’t worry about unwanted messages and junks, the group is under padlock and keys, only opened on specific days when we have discusions or questions.)

You can click the link to join group. JOIN THE WHATSAPP GROUP

You can reach me via Whatsapp on +2347038649165 for business enquiries. If you are yet to receive my newsletters with constant updates, do forward your email address to the whatsapp number above.

Let’s succeed together.

Your Greatness Partner

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