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Following my recent post on Why You Should Start Your Business in Nigeria (if you haven’t seen that – CLICK to Read Now).

I’m starting a new series on 7 Profitable Businesses You Can Start in Nigeria plus how to get started with the business. This is a report compiled by one of the top marketing consultant in Nigeria – Toyin Omotoso. No doubt, the following information is priceless.

Number 1 is Sell Information Based Products.
I don’t know if you have heard about selling information based products before or what you think about it.

But here is the truth.

Selling information is a HUGE money maker that is not going to slow down anytime soon.


The world is going to continue to get complex and people are going to need help with figuring out a lot of things. And the good-news to this is that schools can’t keep up.

So, the demand for good and helpful information keeps rising which creates a huge opportunity for you and I.

Here is what I am trying to say;
#What university course can teach you how to sell on Instagram?
#What about how to sell online with webinars?
#What about how to handle a cheating spouse?
#What about how to prepare ofada rice sauce (a great bestseller by the way)
#What about how to successfully migrate and work in New Zealand or other countries.
#Or what about how to improve your fertility as a man or woman.

These are just 6 out of thousands of information topics that sells like crazy on the internet. Selling Information Online is What I Call – the lazy man’s way to riches and that is because if done well, you can have only N17,500 in your bank account right now, no business, no employee, no house of your own.

But with just a simple information product and a good way to make it, that N17,500 could easily become N175, 000 at least within 10 days.

I can’t even say how much money I have made online selling information.

Since 2009 till now, I have made a lot of money selling information on various topics. E.g There was a time I sold a report on “How to buy low cost laptops and blackberry phones online”.

That was back in the day when blackberry phones were in vogue. Over a 4 month period, I sold approximately 500 of those at N4000 per copy. If you calculate it, that is about N500,000 per month. And I was doing this without a business name, office or employee.

If I had the type of moindset I have today, Icould have ssold atleast 5000 copies.

And the Information You Sell Doesn’t Even Have to Be From Your Personal Experience. E.g Around 2011,a friend of mine got access to a piece of information about wooing a lady.

He didn’t write the report.
The report was just about 10 pages.
He ran a N6,500 advert in a newspaper and sold about 50 copies at N1,500 per copy the day advert ran giving him an instant extra income of N65,000.

Another time in 2009, I bought a report with resale rights to it for N7,500. I ran advert for the report for just N6,500 out of my N53,000 or so bank balance that I had. The day the advert ran, I was in a bus on my way to Lagos witha friend when the alerts started coming in so fast.

As a result, we had to change the N5,000 per night hotel we planned to book before to a better hotel. And instead of staying for 2 nights, we stayed 5 nights. Another good thing about selling information (apart from the money) is the good feeling that you get from adding value to people’s lives.

When i was selling various reports that helped men with their “other rooms” issues,I felt good each time someone sent in a testimony of how those reports helped his life and marriage. This is probably why I can’t stop selling information.

It is probably why I am typing this at 1:31am when others are sleeping.
IMPORTANT: Despite the fact that selling information is a huge money maker, the truth is that not all types of information will make you money.

You need to understand the money plays to demand and supply “like I share during the Money Goals Webinar”. You can’t just think up anything, create an information product on it and expect it to sell.


It doesn’t work that way.
Like several times, someone will come to me and say something along these lines; Hey, I have a brilliant idea about an information product. I want to create an ebook that is titled “THE CPMPLEXITIES OF THE HUMAN BRAIN”.

LOL! Who Cares? Noboby!

If you create boring information products like that, only you and anyone feeling sorry for you will buy a copy.

Whatever information you want to sell has to be about 2 things;
1) It must help people overcome a problem or frustration:
E.g if you have access to information about how single women can get to find a husband and get married asap, a lot of women over 30 who are single and under pressure ti get a husband will buy it especially if the sales presentation for the book is very good.

Hmmmm … maybe I should even do something on this 🙂

2) Or the information must help them move closer or achieve a hot desire that they have: Atimes, people don’t buy because they want to solve a serious problem. They buy because they want to get closer to some strong desire or dream.
E.g because of watching too much Telemundo, alot of women now have certain cravings. An example is artificial hair that makes them look very beautiful like those models and actresses.

This is not basically a problem. But because it is a strong desire, many women spend a large chunk of their money on it.

Based on what I just told you, the big areas where most information are sold are …

Topics Relating To;
• Finances, Business, Making Money, Investing
• Health, Weight Loss, Beauty, Fertility, Sexual Issues
• Dating, Marriage, Relationship, Sex
Under each of these categories, there are thousands of topics you can work on and make alot of money from E.G Let’s take business for instance.

Under business, you can have marketing and other sub-categories like management. hiring etc

Even under marketing, you can still have several sub-categories again like social media marketing, video marketing, SMS marketing etc.

And under social media marketing. there are other sub-categories again like;
• Facebook marketing
• Instagram Marketing
• Youtube Marketing
• Linkedin Marketing
• Etc

Under Facebook marketing, you can even have sub-categories again like;
• Facebook Video marketing
• Facebook Chatbot marketing
• Facebook Group marketing
• Etc
These lists keep getting bigger everyday. It is endless. It is CRAZY!

That Bring Us To a Big Question;
Can one make big money from selling information products?

I don’t know what your definition of big money is but let me just say this;
Last week, my partner and I created a new campaign to sell a special information products package.We tested it and it brought in N2.2m within a week.

100% Profit.

Many people don’t even make N2.2m in 2years.
And yet, we made it from a small test that we ran to promote an information product. We are now working to improve it and promote it massively.

If everything goes fine, we should be looking at a considerate income of N400m this year from this product alone.

There are people I also know (young mostly) who make an average of $10,000 a month only from their information business.

One of my friends who is a silent internet market in Abuja was making N1.5m a month back in 2009. I am not even sure what his income looks like now.

A guy named Peter has an ebook (about 54 pages) on “getting one night stands” with women that sells for $100 per copy (N36,500 each). And he was selling an average 40 copies a day before he sold the business.

Think about that.
40 * $100 (N36,500) = $4000 (N1,460,000) a day

Some small minded people will read this and say LIAR.
Just like one guy said when I talked about making N700k in 5 days.

Well, I am not writing this for such people. I am writing this for few who will believe and take action. I am not saying your results will look like the ones I just talked about as a beginner. I am only throwing these numbers around so that you can realize that this is no child’s play.

There are other big guys like Eben Pagan who makes $20m – $30m a year with his own information business.

Mind you, $7m is the same thing as N2.45Billion

And he made that within 3 months selling information. The new business eventually went on generate $20m within the first first 1year.

Let me not even talk about another information based business that now makes $1Billion a year. That is not a typo error. That is a Capital B for Billion.

Making money from selling information is mostly about 3 steps…
1) Start by deciding on a topic that people will buy
2) Package or create the information into a product
3) Create a system to market the information product

Today, you can sell information in various formats;
– You can sell it as a simple ebook in PDF format.
– You can sell it as a video
– You can sell it as a full blown course
– You can sell it as an audio
– You can sell it as a webinar, seminar or teleseminar.
– You can sell it as coaching
– You can sell it as a membership content

As a newbie – just starting out, one of the fastest and easiest ways to get started with this business is by creating and selling your information products as simple reports.

And that is because you can get it started without the need for a lot of capital or resources.

That is actually how I started.
That is how most of my students started.

If you want to get started with this right away.
You can signup for my one-on-one coaching by sending me an email at hi@danielajumobi.com or chat me on whatsapp through +2347038649165.

Also, you can visit www.7starcourses.com/biz25 to watch a video by Mr Toyin Omotoso on getting started with INFO PRODUCTS.

If you find this helpful, drop a comment below as I did love to read from you.

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For now, I say BYE!



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