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11 Unbeatable Reasons to Start Your Business

Dear DanielAjumobi.com Reader,

With great pleasure, I write to you again today. Trust January was a good start for you. The month ends in few hours. So, anticipate the possibilities that February is coming with.

Okay… let’s get into it. Starting a business is what you should consider this year if you are yet to. And I really don’t believe that business is meant for certain people and not for some (if you want it, you can have it). The reality is that – everyone can own business (the size don’t matter). Everybody can not own an MTN, or a MULTILINK or DANGOTE. But we all can run a small business that serves a community and makes an impact. And check the developed nations – SME’S (small and medium enterprises) drives economic growth. So, smaller business matters more than the bigger – conglomerate businesses for the economic growth of any nation.

Again, I understand many people boil with ideas and passions of what they love to do – the business they love to start, a solution they want to offer to canter a particular problem they hate, a product or service that lit a fire inside of them, but yet don’t know whether to start, and some worried about how to start.

Here is your green light to get started now; 11 unbeatable reasons why you should start your business or whatever idea now (Plus where to get FREE money to start – #wink (sure u like dat part). 11 unbeatable reasons why Nigeria needs your business and idea now.


Number #1:
We Don’t Have Enough Business in Nigeria

Okay, no jokes. We seriously lack enough business in Nigeria. And that explains our struggle with the unemployment rate. We have uncountable unemployed graduates out there and super-uncountable unemployed non-graduates (or whatever you call them). Our population is on the massive increase – approximated at the moment to 185-200million (none of such in Africa). Yet, the jobs available do not commensurate with the population-rate. So, here is the number one reason why you should get started with your business/idea. Nigeria Needs you and your business to survive. Millions of unemployed youth need you as an employer – not submitting application letters “uppandan” with dem. I’m not joking. And that’s alot of money on the table for you if you start. Talking about money ….

Number #2:
Make More Money

An entrepreneur once said; “as an employee, there are limits to how much money you will make because you are pre-defined by a line item in an accounting ledger”. And this is the reality; no matter how much you make for your company – your Boss will never be over-happy to the point of over-paying you more than how much he pays himself/herself. The Boss needs the money – infact, a more critical case in Nigeria is that employees are generally underpaid. People work more and earn lower wages. Someone once said; it’s more profound in Nigeria that employees are only paid enough to keep themselves alive to come back to work the next month. Only living for the job – nothing else. And it’s so sad that we have alot of people who wake up daily to go to work they hate, sit in an office they dislike, to serve a Boss they detest all in other to collect a salary that will never be enough all so they could buy what they love. That’s life in it’s lowest form. Start your business. Start – it’s not going to be easy – yeah. But can’t be worse than your present situation. And you can even start alongside your present job. You Make More Money working for yourself if you know what you are doing.

Number #3:
Job Security

The term job security is not created for employees- its an invention for employers. Who guarantees you security on a job you don’t own? If your Boss had a nightmare, he can decide to fire you the next day. But starting your own business offers you job security – infact not only you but your children. Meanwhile, if the job offers you security, can you pass another mans business down to your children after retirement (mostly applicable to government workers). Civil servants pride more in job security but yet can not guarantee their generation same job. Your business offers the luxury of security, and your children’s children can inherit your business. So, if you care about job security – if the idea of job security gladdens your heart, start your business now.

Number #4:
Work on Things That Matters to You

Another reality is that starting your business offers you the ability to work on things that matter to you not what one Boss somewhere wants you to do. And this is the height and definition of fulfillment. Life simply becomes more meaningful to you. You are not stocked with a to-do list of some task someone doesn’t love doing and passed down to you. You choose the projects you work on. You design your own job description as an employer. You work not on anything that comes to your ways but only on what matters to you. I don’t feel bad writing the readers of DanielAjumobi.com. I’m glad staying awake all night creating contents for my subscribers.

Number #5:
Flexible Schedule

This is one luxury starting your own business offers you. You run a flexible schedule working from anywhere you desire anytime. As an employee – you dare not. Your Boss determines when you resume when you go on break to eat or whatever, even when you close. Where you sit to work, how you dress to work – completely caged living a life far from self-expression all because of a monthly token that’s never enough. But when you kickstart your business – you decide whether to work from office, bed or toilet. For me, I work best at night, so I go to bed around 7am and get up 11am (as an employee, a boss wants me to resume 8am to work when I’m still in bed.) But as an employer, I rest without worries with my phone on silence until I’m up and refreshed. So, If working with flexible schedules matters to you -Start Your Business.

Number #6:
Be The Boss You’d Want

I have seen and heard of people talk about terrible bosses. And ofcourse, I do agree some Boss are just difficult to deal with. So starting your business simply offers you the opportunity to be the kind of Boss you did love to work for. You are able to practice the values and principles that matter to you most. If you love early salary payment as an employee – starting your own business offers that room to pay your staff early like you love.

Number #7:
Spend More Time With Your Loved Once

Incase you haven’t noticed, of all the activities, that battles for our time and attention… work takes the largest percentage – do the math. Calculate the hours spent at work, and compare it with the hours spent while engaged in your other endeavors, be it in church, mosque or otherwise, time with family and friends, time to sleep, time for recreation etc. Work time takes the lead. So, now imagine you are stuck with a job that completely takes the whole of you with no option – can be a pain in the ass. But running your business offers you the luxury of flexibility with time (ofcourse, your business will demand more time from you to grow). But you are in charge, you control how the time works and so – you can always create enough time for your loved one. But being an employee – that can be just a dream. Seriously

Number #8:
Create a Legacy

Launching your own business means you have something to pass over to your children. Meanwhile, as an employee – you cannot pass down your job to your children – no matter the level of love your boss has for you.
You can not give what you don’t own. So, if only for the love of your family – and the future of your children. Start your own business now.

Number #9:
Tap Into Hidden Creativity

Let’s face it; as an employee, you function within a job description. The employment letter given to you places you in a Box. And that limits what you can do, and the level you can experiment too. But starting your own business places you in an open field to just EXPERIMENT. Your creativity juice flows better when you are in charge. Working for yourself automatically removes all limitations from you. So, get started.

Number #10:
Delegate Responsibilities That You Don’t Like

Funny, but true. So true. Are you aware as a Boss – you can easily delegate either of two task – first, a task you don’t understand that proves difficult and secondly a task that you don’t enjoy doing. Yes. Being a business owner means you have the power to focus on aspects of the business that you want. You can easily delegate other duties to others. For my company – The DANIEL AJUMOBI Company Ltd – I hate the accounting area (damn, it makes me sick) – I won’t think twice before outsourcing that task even if I cannot employ a full-time accountant for my business. So, you are FREE to delegate or better still outsource.

Number #11:
You Either Build Your Own Business or Another Man Business

See, no one here on earth can be on the fence. You must be engaged either way. You are either building your business or another man’s business. You are either building your own dream or another man’s dream. The question is – WHY NOT YOURS?


So, get to work. Put your business concept together. Refine your ideas. Nigeria needs you badly. Unemployed youth needs you greatly.

If you need help with your BUSINESS PLAN – GET IN TOUCH.

And look forward to the next article of STARTING YOUR BUSINESS SERIES.

See you at the top.
Keep Thriving.



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