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44 (+3 New) Countries You Can Visit With Your Nigerian Passport Without Visa 2019

Dear DanielAjumobi.com Reader,

Been awhile, trust you are doing great and hope you are taking advantage of all openings/opportunities coming your way this season? 2019 is already -26 days and some of us already counting down to 2020 most especially if you have a Vision2020 like me… #smiles.

After my tours in the year 2018 – to both local and international destinations across states in Nigeria and 6 African countries +others.
I decided to write about places you can visit without visa with your Nigerian passport (as I know that’s the top problem we face mostly. I had similar experiences with few visa interviews) and I also recommend you that you make sure you explore in 2019.

Remember the famous quote by Saint Augustine – “The world is a book and those who do not travel only read one page.” This is very true, and I did not realise this until I made my very first trip ever out of Nigeria in 2018. I realise that travelling is really an important part of life. It expands the box you live in and gives you a dynamic view and thinking about the world and life in general. Travelling offers you the opportunity to read the world – from Africa, to Asia, Europe, America etc

On each page, you might meet new people, form new relationships, find and discover new languages, cultures, food and more. Of course, you will enjoy some ‘pages’ more than others – but even the parts you don’t enjoy at the time may have a profound effect on you later in life. On each page, you might find a new, taste, flavour, scent, vision or sound that will make your world a richer place.

Talking about visa-free access to countries; The Japanese passport still remains the most powerful passport in the world with access to 190 destinations (countries) visa-free/visa-on-arrival. I know you did love to hold one of such passport in your hands.

Enough said; here are 44 plus new 3 countries you can visit with your Nigerian passport without the need for a visa;

According to the Henley Passport Index which depends on data provided by the International Air Transport Authority (IATA), Nigeria gained visa-free access (net-free access) to three new countries, bringing our visa-free access to 47 countries.

1 – Cambodia * Read About

2 – Maldives * Read About

3 – Timor-Leste * Read About

4 – Benin * Read About

5 – Burkina Faso Read About

6 – Cameroon Read About

7 – Cape Verde Islands Read About

8 – Chad Read About

9 – Comores Islands * Read About

10 – Cote d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast) Read About

11 – Djibouti * Read About

12 – Gambia Read About

13 – Ghana Read About

14 – Guinea Read About

15 – Guinea-Bissau Read About

16 – Kenya * Read About

17 – Liberia Read About

18 – Madagascar * Read About

19 – Mali Read About

20 – Mauritania * Read About

21 – Mauritius * Read About

22 – Mozambique * Read About

23 – Niger Read About

24 – Rwanda * Read About

25 – Senegal Read About

26 – Seychelles * Read About

27 – Sierra Leone Read About

28 – Somalia * Read About

29 – Tanzania * Read About

30 – Togo Read About

31 – Uganda * Read About

32 – Cook Islands Read About

33 – Fiji Read About

34 – Micronesia Read About

35 – Niue Read About

36 – Palau Islands * Read About

37 – Samoa * Read About

38 – Tuvalu * Read About

39 – Vanuatu Read About

40 – Barbados Read About

41 – Dominica Read About

42 – Haiti Read About

43 – Montserrat Read About

44 – St. Kitts and Nevis Read About

45 – Bolivia* Read About

46 – Iran * Read About

47 – Lebanon * Read About

PS: Countries with an asterisk require a visa on arrival. 

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Let me add that my last year experience of a tour across 6 West African countries was quite exciting and exhausting… and guess what – I did love to have that experience again and again. And so, this year I’m looking forward to another tour – this time maybe 10 countries in 2weeks.
If you will love to join the train (and be part of the tour), comment below stating your interest (also drop your email and phone number below).

I will get in touch with you.
Ofcourse, no plans yet … we are gonna plan it together.

So, please make sure you enjoy the wave of 2019 and explore as much as you can.

See You Around.
Keep Thriving.



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