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Been awhile, It’s personally been a super-busy month with loads of traveling plus malaria-tug-of-war. But getting back in shape with my schedule and health.

This particular post is long overdue, so please pardon me for the delay.
POLLINATION PROJECT GRANT is real, reliable, and accessible with hundreds of testimonials from beneficiaries across the world. All you need to do is APPLY appropriately by following the guidelines. And once you meet the criteria, $1000 seed funding is yours. Let’s get into it proper.

The Pollination Project Offers Seed Grants for Projects That Change the World. “365 days a year, we invest seed grants to people around the world, and their projects that create a more sustainable, just, peaceful and compassionate world.”

What the above statement means is that;
1) Pollination Project gives you FREE $1000 as a seed to launch your initiative/project/idea.
2) If you have started working on your idea/project already, you stand a chance of getting upto $5000 to further expand your work.
3) Applications are accepted 365 days a year and grants are given daily to successful applicants across the world.
4) Your idea/project must be compassion conscious. The organization is more impact driven – so how exactly are you changing the world with your idea/project?
5) The Pollination Project offers two forms of SUPPORT; a GRANT and a LOAN. Grant is given to ideas/projects that are not for profit (social projects). While Loan is given to ideas/projects that are profit driven (businesses).
6) Very important; The Pollination Project is a Vegan Organisation.
The Pollination Project’s Founder, Ariel Nessel disagree with the killing of animals either for consumption or for any reason what so ever. So, the organization promotes the preservation of lives both human and animals all over the world. For this reason, ideas/projects that support, promote, or engage in killing, or rearing of animals for consumption will not have access to the grant.


The Pollination Project takes you through two application levels;
Firstly, you must take the PRE-SCREEN QUIZ, this is to be sure your project will qualify for the GRANT (for not for profit projects) or LOAN (for-profit projects). If you get any of the quiz answers wrong – you will not be able to proceed with the main application as the link for application will not be sent to your email. Read For More Information on PRE-SCREEN QUIZ

This is exactly the question model/pattern you are expected to go through before getting the link for the main registration…
Responses in GREEN are the correct answers.

Then, Step 10 of 10 will be your result. And that will determine whether you proceed to the next stage of the application.

Hmm… was supposed to proceed to the main application guide, but I don’t want this guide to be too long. So, I decided to break it into 2 parts. The 2nd part will be the full guide for the main application, with the original prototype questions and answers as expected by the pollination project organization.

Do look forward to that within the next 48hours.
Meanwhile, go ahead and secure your registration link for the main application by following the guide above for the successful completion of the PRE-SCREEN QUIZ.

If you need further support; do reach out to me via whatsapp.

To your success.
From your one and only greatness partner.

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