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Before I jump start with the 15 Businesses you can start with at least 100k in Nigeria, let me say; Happy Election Season to us. Please remember to VOTE. Don’t forget that bad leaders are elected into power by good citizens who don’t vote.

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Okay, as e dey hot (lol).
I ask this question all the time; Is there anyone with only one source of expenses? I’m yet to find one – not even a day old baby. We all have multiple source of expenses, all kinds of stuff that takes money away from us on a daily basis. Then, my next question is; why do so many people settle for one source of income? (maybe you are guilty of that… right?)

You see, in this times and season, multiple source of income is not optional… is not by choice… is a must. And so, I share with you 15 Business Idea Options to consider as side hustle to double your income sources. And if, you don’t have one source yet – consider as many as you can below.

1. Bedsheet/Beddings Production.

Pay a visit to Aba, Lagos Island, or Oshodi where they sell bulk materials, pick good designs and I tell you the guys who will sew it for you are just within the same Market. You can start with less than 100k and diligently grow your money.

2. Shirt Production:

A sweet side hustle. There are tailors in Aba,Lagos Island or better learn the skill it will save you all the heartbreaks imaginable. Taiwo Street in Lagos Island is where you should be. Materials ranging from 700 – 1k per yard, sew for 1500/2k, Sell for 5-7k. Go make further findings if interested.

3. Boxers:

Schedule a trip to Aba Market, The cost of production of boxers, you can get one for as low as N300, all you need is to package it in 3s, and market this money spinner properly, beg your friend on twitter for RTs, we buy 3s pack boxers for 1500-2500 sell yours for 1200 and gradually grow.

4. E-Payments and POS Business:

You can get a POS machine from your Bank, and activate online banking: If you live in a place where banks aren’t much you can handle e-payments for people and make your small change. I paid someone N200 to withdraw 10k inside Ikorodu. ATM queue was crazy. So, consider. If not visible in your area find the area where it’s visible and earn 40/50k monthly.

5. Mobile and Electronic Accessories:

Mobile and electronic Accessories such as Pouches, Chargers, USB cables, HDMI cables, earphones and more, can be sourced on Alibaba, Ali Express, Deal Extreme, etc. The more you buy the lower the price. And they are light so shipping won’t be a burden. Infact, you can start so small with N25, 000 and sell anywhere including Jumia and co.

6. Popcorn:

We all know this guy called PopCorn – personally, I love him! We buy every time. Bags of corn – Mile 12 Branded Nylon Sugar, Salt & Butter. The beauty of this is when properly made, its aroma will attract its customers. Manual sealing machine -7/9k Popcorn Machine is 65k on Jumia and even esser else where. Popcorn can be served anywhere. It costs less than N40 to make a pack of popcorn. So, love popcorn? Make money off it.

7. Branding – Sales and Customizing

Football team supporters always want to show how much they’re rooting for a team. Considering how sports loving we are in this country, jersey production and other branded items will sell like garri.

8. Snail Farming:

Snail farming in Nigeria is even more popular, due to its relatively cheap cost of startup and If you market your products well, your business will thrive. This is a business you can start from your backyard. Best in mind, snails take almost a year to mature so Patience is Key! (Thats why its caled side hustle.).

9. Fairly Used Goods

Fairly used goods such as Jeans, Tops, t-shirts, shoes etc. They can be sourced at Badagry, even Cotonou. 100k can’t get you a bale but you can select and mix them. Wash them and pack neatly. Marketing is all it takes, you’ll sell and see your money multiply.

10. Cleaning Services:

Some people find it hard to clean their apartments ‘because they’re busy from Monday to Friday and Saturday they have engagement and on Sunday all they wanna do is rest. Your tools won’t cost you up to 30k and you can clean 6 apartments a weekend. If you doubt it, ask around.

11. Home Cooking and Delivery:

You can cook a variety of meals well and apply customer service, People will pay good money for your services, You can run this from home. If you think it’s a joke check out www.soupamarket.com. She cooks from her home and deliver to customers either for personal meal, small gathering or big event.

12. Digital Marketing:

The success of any business is in its ability to effectively reach its teeming customers and this is achieved by effective marketing: Get a Used Laptop and Smartphone, temporarily, your smartphone can double as your hotspot. Get some tutorial on youtube and get certification in weeks from Alison, Lynda, Edx or others and start marketing yourself. Persistence and Passion is Key.

13. Cakes and Confectionery:

This is one business that always comes to play, people celebrate, and bakers are always consulted. Every month, there is a celebrant. So start with your family and friends. Supply their event cakes or other items.

14. Aso-Oke Beading and Stoning:

Aso-Oke Beading and Stoning has become sometimes in vogue now, and this is another sweet business one can start with 100k. You just have to learn how to bead and unlock your creative mind.

15. Try Multiple Above:

You can try more than one from the list above and see which generate more revenue from you base on geographical location, economic strength, and other factors worth considering.

To be continued…….

🛎Capital shouldn’t be your constraint.
🛎In business, you need the right attitude else you’ll sink.
🛎Ensure friends and family pay for your goods & services.
🛎If you feel you’re too big for a certain kind of business, then you will “sink”.
🛎There’s something the Yorubas call “Afarawe” Copying others lifestyle, don’t do it!




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