Dear reader,
Happy New Month & Happy Last Quater in the year 2019.

Been awhile, trust your goals/plans are taking shape. Mind you, 8 month is gone, 4 left! What's going to be will not be, what you do will be.

Today, I want to share briefly my thought and 50+ other people's thought on the topic of financial success. I bet nobody wants to be poor, If you know any, let me know (cos i don't know any).

The survey carried out with the responses below clearly shows that SUCCESS or RICHES is relative.
What makes one feel rich, makes another feel poor and vice versa.

The reality I discovered is that, you and I have to define success, wealth, riches on our own terms.
What does success mean to you? Why do you want to be rich? It's a personal question demanding personal answer.

Below, I have gathered over 50 personal answers to this persnal question from people seeking riches across the world, reading this will possibly open you up to some deeper realities, and inspire you in a kind of weird way. You definitely will read some WHY and you will laugh, some might make you cry, few angry, or even paranoid - but whatever it is, don't take it personal, It shows we all don't want the same thing in life and hence the concept of abudance for all lies.

Let's get into it; WHY DO YOU WANT TO BE RICH?


It is for the freedom that money gives one to do the things you want to do and love doing whenever you want to do them. i love new things and experiences, adventure and exploration and money affords you the luxury and freedom of selfishly indulging in that whenever the desire calls.


Money is not everything but everything need money. in this generation.


I would like to help those around me that need a place to stay, food to eat, clothes to wear and medical attention they cannot afford. I would like to build RESCUE Missions, Soup Kitchens, Thrift Stores and Medical Units such as Fast Pace or a Community Hospital that is not greedy. I would like to teach the men and the women how to get on their feet, kick the habit of smoking; drinking and narcotics and live a full rich life. How not to be lazy; how to get out and attack the world by storm in a legal manner.


To have the freedom to do more: travel, help others, give freely and take care of those who can’t take care of themselves. To pay it forward in a bigger way. To ensure my children’s and my grandchildren’s futures. To show the nay-sayers that it can be done.


So that I may accumulate generational wealth, I want to have access to resources, bigger and better investments, I do not want to be rich I want to be Wealthy, and money not be a limitation.


I’m the first of my linage to even think about being rich, those who came before me think it’s a fantasy. I’m only 19 years old and I’m already tired of poverty. I see the luxurious part of life and I want that for myself, my family, and my friends. I need to be the one to turn things around for those who come after me.


I have very specific reasons for wanting to be rich. First and foremost for the level of freedom wealth brings. Secondly to restore my family’s inheritance pro perty and by doing so increase my family’s position in prosperring . I have 1 business idea which I have 30 plus years experience in it and a service that can serve the masses for the good.


I want to prove to myself that I can do it and that I can be successful.


First of all, why do I want to be poor? I need to see the other side of the coin. I need to know how rich look at the world and how the world looks at them? Moreover, living as a poor for entire life will be boring right.


The more money you have, the more opportunities you have!


I have multiple health problems (multiple autoimmune conditions). I don’t want to be a burden to my children and grandchildren. Instead, I want to use my gifts and abilities both to provide for myself (including some likely future health complications) and to enjoy life with my children and grandchildren for as long as I am able. On the other hand, I have numerous income streams (both earned and passive), the funds are well-invested in diverse assets, AND I’m 3/5 finished with a Ph.D. in research/quantitative psychology for a second career, to keep myself intellectually active. Not awful for a retired schoolteacher and granny of three, hmm?


So that my wife and children can live the life of their dreams.


-Happy family.
-Millionaire Fastlane reasons (read book by MJ DeMarco).
-Enjoying wealth while young.
-Exotic holidays with a woman of my dreams.


I want to prove to myself that I can do it and that I can be successful.


I want to be rich so that:
a I can fulfill all my parent’s desires which they sacrificed for me.
b I can travel to all the places, I want, without worrying about expenses.
c I can buy anything I want without having a second thought.
d I never have to travel in public transports.
e I can escape this middle-class life.


In order to live a quality life you must solve a global problem. I will be one of those people.


To be frank. I deserve to be rich. The world is there to be discovered and even though money won’t bring wisdom or discipline there’s something defeating about not having enough of it. May we all remember God even with our wealth.


I want to have the experience of finally not worrying over bills and money. I am extremely rich in spirit, life, family, and mind and I am ready to feel the bounty of financial wealth along with it. I have spent my life raised by a single mother, abandoned by my father at the age of 6 just like Audrey Hepburn and I myself have raised my kids, been a victim of domestic violence that resulted in my being kidnapped because of trying to leave him. Although many years ago it led me to pursuing my degree in PT, raising my BEAUTIFUL family and seriously acquiring huge levels of emotional, unstoppable strength. I am writing my first book and working on developing workshops and have a huge dream to succeed in helping many people while inspiring them along the way. In terms of being wealthy! It’s MY TIME! I want to feel the freedom and lift of financial struggle and I want to be able to develop my workshops, name and opportunities to get my gifts out into the world. Money would certainly help! I believe It is also my birthright to feel and experience this before I die!


Because I wanna have a financial freedom.


I know that i can be a global benefactor when I have the proper resources. I plan to invest in stocks and real estate to grow and support exponential abundance and wealth. I want to leave behind a legacy for my son and future descendants to look to with pride and follow. I also want to provide financial assets so that my son does not have to unsure the unnecessary troubles that I faced due to lazy and apathetic parentage and preexisting dysfunctional family values. I want the best for myself, my family, and my friends who believe that they are worthy of the best as well. I am currently a college student working toward acceptance into the University of Oklahoma’s MD/PhD dual program where I can practice my passion of helping others maintain health manage medical crisis while also researching neurological breakthroughs and other life-enhancing government experiments. The town I live in is grotesquely underfunded and I would love to enhance the public and higher education facilities with much needed materials, special provisions and technological improvements once I come into wealth that would allow for such philanthropy I also want a political platform from which I can work for assurances of the common well-being as well as the businesses that supply the public demands. There are many outdated laws, ideas and philosophies that are still promulgated and govern the structure in which the people of this region live and having the financial support to bring about changes in the social structure to increase the quality of life for these people is another reason I am seeking wealth. I would love to collaborate with others in order to affect fundamental and technological advances for my state, my country and my world. But I will not stop there! Collaborative funding for any space exploration and planetary colonization projects are concepts that I will help see to fruition. While I seek out ways to better myself as a person while I am still learning, monetary support will enable me to expand and produce my best ideas and manifest my best philosophies for all of humanity to enjoy.


I want to be rich because I want to help the helpless or poor .


Because I want luxuries, the finer things of life because those things are amazing.


Simple. I want to live my Life without any liabilities to anyone but me. So that i can finally spend my Days only with sitting on a Armchair, and playing Videogames.


In this world, if you’re poor, achieving your goals and dreams in life are insanely hard. But, if you’re rich, you can actually achieve them in a lenient way with hard work and hustling. I wanna be rich, because, I wanna live my life in my own terms. I wanna have my financial freedom. I wanna help the society in any way I can. I wanna leave my personal mark in this world.


I grew up at the lower end of middle class. I didn’t have a lot but we never wanted for anything. When my parents split up, they both were on the loosing end financially. I remember that for a few months we didn’t have heat in the winter, and I kept all the lights off, so that I wasn’t using hydro or eating very little so that my younger brother had more food. My parents didn’t teach me anything about money so when I went out on my own I had a huge issue with paying bills at first and my credit suffered a huge hit. After 5 years of struggling, I have finally got myself out of debt and my credit score is on the mend. I wan to wealthy so that my children never have the struggle I did, so that if my parents or friends are ever in a bad situation, I can help them out. I want to be wealthy so that I never have to tell my kids they can’t do something, purely because I don’t have the money to afford it. Lots of people say Money isn’t everything, but you need it to live. Almost everything that you can think of, the better option costs more money. Public vs Private school, high school vs college, McDonald vs Healthy restaurant, apartment vs House, I don’t want lack of money to hold me back, and I will not let it hold back my children either.


The reason why I want to be rich is to invest money in the business and having my own business and having collabs and able create a charity to help people in needs but I have to earn that by working hard so when I look back I will be proud of myself.


I want to be able to travel, be a blessing to family,friends and the unfortunate. Also, I want a life style!


I want to be rich so that I can pass the lessons and the lifestyle that will teach my son, and his future children, and further into the future how to live life to the fullest. I want them to value hardwork and sacrifice and to help them become self sufficient, not dependent on the government, other people (leeching),or living off their parents. I want to enjoy what is to come in the future without the worry of not having enough money.


I would like to be rich because I want to give me and my family the luxurious life I always dreamed of. That is of course while we can.


I want to be rich because I have dreams. One of my dreams is to put all my grandchildren and my step daughter into one of the best colleges in the world. Also, I love to travel. Just to see all that God created. Live in a nice home under ground lol. And just enjoy life.


To help myself and others. Like the oxygen that drops down in a plane that’s crashing, money can help me survive and then help others to survive and to find parachutes to escape the stupid poverty plane crash! If money represents life then oxygen is the best analogy. I want to be rich so I can help everyone breathe better…live better! Then we can all leave the limited cabin of despair called poverty and enter the limitless construct of the wealthy wild blue yonder. Plus, being rich is fun!


To help change the world and my family legacy. You can only do so much without money backing it up. As Steve Jobs and Apple says… ” The ones crazy enough to think they can change the world….are the ones who do.


I’ve always admired the lifestyle of living in luxury and had dreams of being there one day. When you live like that you have no problems and get to live life to the fullest. I plan to make it my one true goal.


As a measure to how much I have served society. No ill gotten wealth.


Because in this world being rich is way better than being poor.


Frankly, I’ve always wanted money since I was a toddler. I truly smile from the inside when I get paid. It makes me feel free & independent. Plus, it attracts the necessary people who can help me earn more. Oh! I want to be rich because I love being rich.


Well they say money can’t buy you happiness, the strange thing is poverty can’t buy you anything, not happiness, love, shelter, food nor a pet. I want to be rich so that I can leave a permanent mark on this earth, I want to personally contribute in ensuring that kids go to bed/school with a decent healthy meal. Being rich will help me make this world a better place, I want to help those who do not see the hope. Rich people have the best of everything, good relationships, nice homes, good health, nice cars. I want all of that.


I want to be rich because i like having my space and freedom. Im 27 but ive been told often that i have expensive taste or critized for wanting certain foods and admiring those who are wealthy. To be honest i cant help it! I love what i love and those who are rich are people i would like to learn from. Even if im a college student and single parent i still feel in my gut that my hard work will pay off and ill have this kind of life. So to answer your question better: i want to be rich because i want to have the freedom to do what i like without critism or forced to reconsider. I want to know that if i spend money its fine cause i no longer have to worry about whether or not i can afford it. Lastly to take care of my family, i would love to one day put my daughter in a great school and take her traveling with me so she can see what the world has to offer. Also to be able to give my mom the option to finally relax cause shes worked all her life and still working. She needs a break. Is that a good answer?


To help my family and myself and to help ones in need.


All of the hurdles I currently face in life are financially related. Right now, I am not making enough money to invest in the opportunities that would put me on the road to wealth attainment. Thus, I have to go to others (angel investors, banks, friends, etc.) to try and convince them that my ideas have merit. Begging and pleading has never been my strong suit. I want to be rich so that I never have to do this again. In short, I want to be rich so that I can do the things I want to do in life, and never have to depend on someone else to write a check for me.


Money = freedom.


I will be rich because , i need to experience life to its fullest potential , be of assistance to those who need it and enrich others in every way possible.


I’m tired of being poor. I’m tired of the excuses I wake up giving myself daily and I’m tired of limiting my potential. I’m a single father and I want to set the proper example for my daughter so that she can be successful someday. Also, get her started on the correct approach by sharing with her the right information.


There is a lot!! to do in life for every human and there is lot to watch about the world around us . All this is not happened when ur poor in other words when ur not rich enough……This is only my perspective to ur question.


I want to be rich not for the money, rather because of my intense desire for status.


Peace of mind.


To be able to say i made it and to not have to worry so much about paying for this and paying for that and if someone needs me i can help instead of saying i dont make that much money.


So I can afford a lot of nice things. Duh.


I want to be rich so I can empower others to live abundant lives. Give back and give into my community while creating a legacy. I want to be known for my outstanding work in philanthropy, building communities and have school, hospital wings, libraries and museums.


So money isn’t a limitation in my life.


Because in this world being rich is way better than being poor.


So that my life can be meaningful eventually.


I hate to lack things, so I must be rich.

Whatever may be said in praise of poverty, the fact remains that it is not possible to live a really complete or successful life unless one is rich. No man can rise to his greatest possible height in talent or soul development unless he has plenty of money; for to unfold the soul and to develop talent he must have many things to use, and he cannot have these things unless he has money to buy them with. Even to develop spiritaully, the bible and quran you have to buy with money.

I know you also want to be rich at one point in your life.
I am curious to learn from your reason.
Drop your comment below.


Hello Greatness Partner,
How is your entrepreneurial hustle going? Trust FAB!
I bet... I know it's not easy, but we are not gonna give up either.

So, this time I have a full guide on how to go about the International Breweries (KickStart Nigeria) 2019 Grant Application.
Ofcource … before you ask, I was on the KickStart list in 2017 (you know I brag with proofs) ... (a wondeful experience I got all through). I will share more about that below.

Tried getting some pictures from the Bootcamp... but can't lay my hands on any now.

So, for you to win any grant anywhere, you must understand the laws of the land and follow them or tweak them diligently to win the GAME. (atleast, I'm speaking from experience of winning multiple grants both locally and internationally).

I therefore recommend you follow the following rules if you are interested in winning;

1) Understand timing; know the starting and closing date of any application you are interested in.
2) Understand the requirements; know what it takes to get involve in the application e.g business nature, age, sector, finance level etc
3) Understand the Organizers: know the mind of the organizers by studying the FAQs session. It's vital
4) Understand the Grant Procedure: know the timeline of the grant, from application submission to grant award day.
5) Understanding Positioning: Know how to strategically position yourself, figure yourself as the grant giver and see what you might look out for. It's worth the effort (don't doubt me).

And to cap it all .. prepare your business for what is cominggggg.

I recently run a training called GRANT HACK. It details all my strategies used over the years to access over 6 grants for my BUSINESS. You can read more about the next training here; CLICK

Meanwhile, here is a quickie from my GRANT HACK session; to easily access grant and beat competition just like I was selected for Tony Elumelu among over One Hundred Thousand Applicants;

1) START a Business. The keyword here is START. And i always advice START ANYHOW. It's best to apply for a grant with an existing business than just an idea. (don't get me wrong, ideas WIN too, but it's better to apply with an existing business.)
2) Register your business with the CAC (Corporate Affairs Commission). It gives you an edge. And it's not expensive.
3) Get a TIN (i.e Tax Identification Number). this you will need to have a business bank account.
4) Open your business account and start using it.
5) Start your business small, with your savings, best way to get started. (exactly what i did).
6) Start generating traction for your business. Monitor and record your little progress from customer acquisition to sales, expemses big and small, website design and all.
7) Go for Grants. Start your search for grants massively. Plenty of them out there and you are good to go at this stage.
8) Develop your business plan. This is no jokes (it's gonna go along way to help you). I mean it. You can easily copy and paste to multiple applications as they come from your biz plan. (goodnews is, I can run a comprehensive grant-winning business plan for you with chikini money. Just email me at or chat me on whatsapp 07038649165).
9) Consult those with proofs and results to help you review your applications before submission. It is essential, not just anybody, but those with result (ofcourse, mine are pretty obvious. And I will review your applications before submission for a very rediculous amount. Just email me at or chat me on whatsapp 07038649165).
10) GO TO NUMBER 1 AND READ CAREFULLY AGAIN for better understanding.



About KickStart: KICKSTART is a corporate social investment by International Breweries PLC, (IBPLC) a proud part of Anheuser- Busch InBev (ABInBev) the world's largest brewer . It aims at promoting a culture of entrepreneurship among youth in Nigeria.
The initiative has been running in the South-Western and South-Eastern zones of Nigeria since 2015. Through the provision of material and financial support, the initiative continues to encourage young entrepreneurs to develop their big ideas into sustainable businesses or expand their existing businesses. This has created socioeconomic
opportunities for young citizens between the ages of 18 and 35. The initiative avails them the opportunity to create and earn a sustainable living thus impacting the economy of their respective host communities.
The programme was first launched as a poverty alleviation initiative in South Africa in 1995 by South Africa Brewery (SABMiller) then major shareholder of IBPLC. Since then, it has also been implemented in other African countries like Botswana, Lesotho, Swaziland and Tanzania. In Nigeria, the KICKSTART initiative is administered by the International Breweries Foundation, for the first time since inception, it will be open to applicants from all the six geo-political zones in the country.
International Breweries’ KICKSTART contributes to the following United Nations Sustainable Development Goals:

Message from the Managing Director: International Breweries PLC:The future belongs to the young. But only visionary and self-starting young men and women who seize the moment can ever hope to chart a course into that future. In today's knowledge-driven world, young people have continued to demonstrate their readiness to assume eminence, as exemplified by their emergence as global leaders in politics, enterprise management, technology and even in matters of faith.

We launch KICKSTART in 2016 as a corporate social investment initiative to ignite the passion of Nigerian youth for leadership in business. The impact of our entrepreneurs so far is a revelation in inherent ingenuity, creativity and innovation of young Nigerians. they provide a powerful case for the relevance of entrepreneurship in leading the way in the nation's economic development.

We encourage more young Nigerians to key-in to the vision behind KICKSTART to tap into the almost limitless opportunities that abound in the business world. With KICKSTART, Nigerian youths no longer need to subscribe to the well-worn notion that 'dream die first.
No. It can only get better

Annabelle Degroot - Managing Director, IBPlc

Ok.. in brief. I applied online (ofcouse there is offline (paper) application. I went online to apply around July …yh. I got an SMS Mid (i can't remember precisely) September or August ending about my selection and requirement and preparation for training. Fast-Forward. I find myself in Ilesha, Osun State for a 7 Days Bootcamp (i can't explain where my pictures disappear to). It was a WoW experiece (accomodation, feeding all taken care of) … lodged in a very lovely hotel, the food …hnn too good (let me mention that you will be over-fed). Too much food. And we run three session per day (morning, afternoon, evening) with leading business and professional leader taking us on all levels of business operation (practical and otherwise). Hey, I should not forget the early morning workouts (compulsory for all)… interesting too. And the last day (7th days) it was club all night (dance out the stress) with plenty to eat and drink. And then… bye bye to our houses/states. And few weeks after all that.. we all came back to submit our business plans. And then they select those who get the grant award base on how good your business plan was after which, we recieved a call to come and defend in front of some very serious business men and women (oldies…smiles). And then, the award day… no fix amount for KickStart, depends on how much you write, and most importantly, how well you can defend the business plan. Some, request for N500,000 and were given N200,000 and some request for N600,000 and end up getting N1,000,000. So, you seriously have to defend (don't worry you can defend your business in YORUBA or any language you are comfortable with .. not necessarily english.) Yeah right… that;s true. And that's my experience in brief ooo.

Follow this diligently; the following are expected questions you will answer when filling the form.

COMPANY NAME: just enter your business name there whether registered or not
COMPANY ADDRESS: fix in your location, address.
COMPANY EMAIL: enter the active email you are using
COMPANY LOCATION STATE: enter your business location state (it's needed. did i add that they will visit your business place if you enter that you are already in operation…yh yh.)
TYPE OF ORGANISATION: which are you? enter it. sole proprietor or LTD?
BUSINESS SECTOR: enter the industry you are playing in
WEBSITE (if available): Ok, they ask because it's necessary. I encourage my folks to get a WEBSITE, they are not as expensive as before. It increases your selection CHANCES. And I offer to create one for you for only N30,000 token (Just email me at or chat me on whatsapp 07038649165).
IS THE BUSINESS REGISTERED?: I recommend registering your business or idea. Good for you, better for you. But enter YES OR NO. Meanwhile, I can get your business registered in few weeks, get in touch. Just email me at or chat me on whatsapp 07038649165).
YEARS IN BUSINESS: Before you answer, read the rules. If your business is more than 3years, you will not be selected. So you have to be younger and or new.
NATURE OF BUSINESS (DESCRIBE YOUR BUSINESS IN DETAILS, THIS SHOULD INCLUDE YOUR MARKET POTENTIAL AND SIZE) - (not more than 250 words): Now, this is everthing for KickStart. This one question determines whether you get selected or not. Just this question alone. it's what i will call your business plan. So, if you have one, just summarize it into 250 words and submit. If you don't - I guess you want to contact me to write one for you urgently. Just email me at or chat me on whatsapp 07038649165).
HOW DO YOU HEAR ABOUT KICKSTART?: pick whatever you like (it kuku don't matter)
Here is the second most crucial place inthe application. And I can always help you through professionally. Just get in touch.

NAME OF BUSINESS IDEA: this is different form your company name (and possibly it could be) but usually not. You are to give the idea a brand name different from the comapny name.
BUSINESS STAGE (startup or existing business): it's you enter existing business, but they also select new business. So, try your luck.
TOTAL PROJECT COST: Anything from N250,000 to maximum N2,000,000 (depends on how much you need. Ask as you wish.
IS YOUR BSUINESS REGISTERED WITH CAC? (YES OR NO): yes is better as an answer (but if you have not, say NO). And if you want to regsiter, contact me.
HAVE YOU RECIEVED GRANTS FROM OTHER ORGANIZAIONS?: tell them if you have, if you like
IF YES, HOW DID THE GRANT IMPACT YOUR BUSINESS?: 50 words (please explain in clear words what you use the money for, very needed.)
EXPLAIN YOUR BUSINESS OR IDEA (150 words): this is another short summary about your business of idea. So, take time to answer.
WHAT PROBLEMS WILL/DOES YOUR PRODUCT OR SERVICES ADDRESS? (150 words): be realistic, your business or idea must - MUST be solving a problem. If is not solving a problem, close the application. Apply next year.
WHAT IS YOUR BUSINESS UNIQUE SELLING POINT? (100 words): USP is key, it is what separate you from others. So talk well about it.
DESCRIBE HOW YOU INTEND SELLING YOUR PRODUCT/SERVICE? (100 words): here are your marketing strategies… explain in details your selling approach and points.
WHAT SKILLS DO YOU POSSESS TO ENABLE YOUR IDEA/BUSINESS SUCCEED?: here is for you to brag… talk about your capacity, what you know, who you know, resources in your reach and all.
WHAT IS THE PROPOSED FINANCING PLAN? (equity, loan, grant): don't say you dont have anything ooo, it is wise to always have a share in your business, no matter how small it is.
WHAT IS THE EXPECTED OUTCOME?: what impact will your business create in the society/community. What will be the success story?
WHY DO YOU DESERVE THE KICKSTART GRANT? (100 words): here you must be convincing enough on why you should be selected and not your competitors. be very reasonable.


Contact me through email at or chat me on whatsapp 07038649165).

Success with your application.
Application Closes 31st July 2019.
Click here to APPLY:


See You at the TOP.

Dear Greatness Partner,

I bring you good news. If you applied for The Tony Elumelu Foundation Grant in January 2019 and you are not selected or you wanted to apply but time and all did not permit you.

The good news is ... The Tony Elemelu Foundation just partnered with United Nation Development Programme to open application for Entrepreneurs and they will be selecting another 5500 entrepreneurs this time.

The GIST is that;
The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Tony Elumelu Foundation (TEF) have launched a youth entrepreneurship programme for the Sahel region of Africa. The TEF-UNDP Sahel Youth Entrepreneurship programme will train, mentor and financially support 100,000 young entrepreneurs in Africa in 10 years . The goal is to contribute to the overall target to generate at least 10million new jobs and $10 billion in new annual revenues across Africa.

Answers to all the Questions You Might Have;

What is the TEF-UNDP Sahel Youth Entrepreneurship Programme?

The TEF-UNDP Sahel Youth Entrepreneurship Programme is a partnership between the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Tony Elumelu Foundation (TEF) to empower 100,000 additional entrepreneurs over 10 years from seven Sahel African countries: Northern Nigeria, Niger, Chad, Cameroun, Mauritania, Mali and Burkina Faso.The partnership will target young Africans in under-served communities.

The goal is to create 10million new jobs and contribute at least $10billion to the African economy.

The Programme leverages the tried and validated approach to philanthropy on the continent pioneered by the Tony Eluemlu Foundation. It prioritises and positions entrepreneurship as the key enabler to catalyse the economic development of the African continent.

Is this different from the Tony Elumelu Foundation Entrepreneurship Programme?

The Tony Elumelu Foundation (TEF) Entrepreneurship Programme is the flagship Programme of the Tony Elumelu Foundation—the leading philanthropy in Africa empowering African entrepreneurs.

The TEF Entrepreneurship Programme is the $100million commitment by the Elumelu family to mentor, train and financially support 10,000 African entrepreneurs in 10 years. The Programme is currently in the 5thfifth year of its commitment and has so far empowered over 7,500 entrepreneurs across 54 African countries.

The Tony Elumelu Foundation Entrepreneurship Programme provides the inspiration for the development of the TEF-UNDP Sahel Youth Entrepreneurship Programme which scales up the impact of the Foundation to empower an additional 100,000 entrepreneurs specifically from seven countries in Africa’s Sahel region.

What will African entrepreneurs gain from the Programme?

African entrepreneurs will gain non-refundable seed capital, access to a 12-week business training and mentoring. They will also receive visibility and numerous business networking opportunities.

What are the criteria for applying?

  1. When is the application deadline for the 2019 application window?

The deadline for the 2019 applications is August 5, 2019.

Following the end of the application window, an initial longlist of 5,500 applicants will be selected to undergo the 12-week business training. After the training, the final shortlist of 2,000 applicants will be announced to join the previous 2019 TEF cohort.

Where can entrepreneurs apply?


And if you are interested in my one-on-one training;
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And to Apply for the 2nd Chance Opportunity;

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To your Success.

Dear Reader,

As promised, I'm here with another vital information (a money spinner) for you. This is not one of those I think, I feel, I wish information. This is I KNOW and I HAVE gotten my share kind-of information.

See, if you want to access GRANT otherwise called Free Money to carry out your desired projects, ideas, business, etc without you worrying about how to get the money or looking for loan. Money as much as $1000 (N365,000) to $5000 (N1,825,000) - No Jokes!

Then this is the most important message you will read today.

Why is this so?

Because today, I want to share with you a vital approach to accessing CERTIFIED GRANTS - free money you wont have to pay back but you can access and use on your projects.


My name is Daniel Ajumobi, an Entrepreneur, Business Intelligence Analyst and Public Speaker. Founder/CEO of The DANIEL AJUMOBI Company Ltd. A parent company to a group of startups. I can otherwise call myself a serial entrepreneur because I have created over the years series of projects/enterprises to date; many have failed, others have succeeded. I have access over 7 GRANTS - free money used in the execution of each of my projects e.g Tony Elumelu Grant, International Breweries Grant, YESP-BOI, and some others but most recent is The Pollination Project Grant. I have access grants, and I am still accessing grants because the projects keep expanding.

Picture Speaks Better. That's me at the Tony Elumelu Forum just fews days before getting the N1,525,000.

I want to show you how you can access this FREE MONEY too.

That was my recent grant selection email from TPP few months ago.

There are over 1000 organizations out there willing and ready to give grant - free money to people from across the world regardless of your race and age or projects.

I will be sharing my highly successful, and secretly guarded GRANT registration and application positioning tactics that have taken me years to master and perfect … with YOU. I will practically download all my application filling tactics into your brain during these POWER-PACKED 3 HOURS SESSION.

Here is exactly what you will learn in those 3 Hours;

I will share the list of tested and trusted grant opportunities that you can apply for. With main focus on TPP which is presently ongoing.

I will share what you should do to position yourself and prepare accordingly for the grant applications. Also how your social media accounts plays a major role in accessing TPP grant.


I will share effective and efficient model to fill your application form and increase your chance of success. The entire application hack I used will be expose to you Step-By-Step.

I will answer all your questions and enquiries from my practical experience of accessing grants in years.

This TRAINING will not be FREE.

Okay, I guess you want to quit reading now or something close to that.
But see, If you are looking for a FREE, hollowed out training where some fake gurus gather people together to tell them about untested theories …

This session is not for YOU!

There are plenty of such people/trainings on FACEBOOK and you can go and try any out.

This is the real deal, you are learning from someone (ME) who is actually doing what he says/teach. With proves … not one, not two, not three GRANTS recieved.

And to ensure you get FULL VALUE FROM this TRAINING, I will give you a SUPER BONUS.

You will get …


I can't guarantee you getting this offer from anywhere else.

It's the REAL DEAL!

But, but, but … I am limiting this OFFER to ONLY 20 PEOPLE!


And Here is WHY?

Reviewing application critically is alot of WORK! And I will be reviewing the application of the 20 participants before they submit for FREE. For this service alone, I charge N15,000 now. But for my training participants, ALL FREEEEE.

And I'm handling this personally … so, therefore, I don't want to choke myself. Else, I won't deliver as expected. So, for the good of the 20 People, I peg the number to 20!

But you can be part of that 20, if you are LUCKY!

Here is how to JOIN my class.

GoodNews: It's Virtual Training …
meaning, you can join from ANY PART OF NIGERIA/WORLD!

The Training Will Hold On:

Date: July 31st 2019
Venue: Dedicated WHATSAPP Group (TBA)

How much is it?

Well, considering the fact that I'm giving out a TESTED and TRUSTED information, with a WORKING TEMPLATE! Such that is certain to fetch you Minimum $1000 (N365,000) to $5000 (N1,825,000) which I have received MYSELF.

You will agree it won't be out of place to charge you at least N80,000 naira for this.

The last training I held on GRANT HACK back in January was N25,000 and it's not even as detailed as this.

But, I will give this as a SPECIAL OFFER out this time.

I'll charge just ONLY N15,000. And That's It.

N15,000 to access this N365,000 to N1,825,000 worth information. Tell Me If It's Worth It or Not!!!

But, remember. … I have ONLY 20 SLOTS for My Review Sake.
Once they are gone, gone are they!!!

So, hurry up.
It is in your hands now.
This is a first come first serve OFFER!

You can spend years, trying to figure it out yourself, like i did for years.
Meanwhile, remember you will loose money and time doing try and error.


You can either attend this training of mine and learn exactly what to do so you can avoid the pitfalls and put yourself on a sure path to success with your GRANT applications.


Here is how to lock down your SPOT fast.
Do a direct bank deposit or bank transfer for N15,000 using the following bank details;

ACCOUNT NUMBER: 1019722123

After you make the payment, send an SMS/TEXT/WHATSAPP message to: 07038649165 with

  1. Your FULL NAME (as appear on the bank you sent it from)
  2. Your Email Address
  3. Your Whatsapp Phone Number

I will reach out to you as soon as possible with further information.

The deadline for signing up and making payment is 28th July 2019.
So, I can start preparing for the REGISTERED participants for the training.



Looking forward to seeing you in the CLASS!

Your Greatness Partner
Daniel Ajumobi

​P.S​.: ​This offer is only available for a very limited time. Reserve your seat today, to ensure that you don’t miss out!

Dear Reader,
Been awhile Greatness Partners! But Like I mentioned sometimes back, It's a very very very busy season - not only for me (also for many on the group). And that explains why the group has been quite quiet for awhile now. But nothing to worry about... getting back shortly (read the goodnews below).

Ok... it's my birthday few days back and while i'm still basking in the euphoria of my season.
I decided to give out this Resourceful Material of mine for FREEEEEEEEE.

I publish this E-book back in 2015. And it's not just a book ... this is a BIG MONEY SPINNER. It worked back then, working right now, and will work after now. So, REJOICE!

Howbeit, what you get out of the book solely depends on what you do with it.

If you are looking for a way to make money FAST, you have to
respond to this and download FAST. This material will show you how you can make money importing cheap products from China and selling here in Nigeria. You will see how to source the products, how to bring it into the country, and how to sell it for huge profit margins. I DID THIS AND I'M STILL DOING THIS.




Again, this can aid your journey to financial freedom.
It is my birthday gift to you. I desire SUCCESS for you.
Meanwhile... Don't forget to send my birthday gift too .... it's not late yet.

Your Greatness Partner

Dear Reader,
I trust you are doing great and nailing your 2019 goals gradually.

Been awhile, It's personally been a super-busy month with loads of traveling plus malaria-tug-of-war. But getting back in shape with my schedule and health.

This particular post is long overdue, so please pardon me for the delay.
POLLINATION PROJECT GRANT is real, reliable, and accessible with hundreds of testimonials from beneficiaries across the world. All you need to do is APPLY appropriately by following the guidelines. And once you meet the criteria, $1000 seed funding is yours. Let's get into it proper.

The Pollination Project Offers Seed Grants for Projects That Change the World. "365 days a year, we invest seed grants to people around the world, and their projects that create a more sustainable, just, peaceful and compassionate world."

What the above statement means is that;
1) Pollination Project gives you FREE $1000 as a seed to launch your initiative/project/idea.
2) If you have started working on your idea/project already, you stand a chance of getting upto $5000 to further expand your work.
3) Applications are accepted 365 days a year and grants are given daily to successful applicants across the world.
4) Your idea/project must be compassion conscious. The organization is more impact driven - so how exactly are you changing the world with your idea/project?
5) The Pollination Project offers two forms of SUPPORT; a GRANT and a LOAN. Grant is given to ideas/projects that are not for profit (social projects). While Loan is given to ideas/projects that are profit driven (businesses).
6) Very important; The Pollination Project is a Vegan Organisation.
The Pollination Project’s Founder, Ariel Nessel disagree with the killing of animals either for consumption or for any reason what so ever. So, the organization promotes the preservation of lives both human and animals all over the world. For this reason, ideas/projects that support, promote, or engage in killing, or rearing of animals for consumption will not have access to the grant.


The Pollination Project takes you through two application levels;
Firstly, you must take the PRE-SCREEN QUIZ, this is to be sure your project will qualify for the GRANT (for not for profit projects) or LOAN (for-profit projects). If you get any of the quiz answers wrong - you will not be able to proceed with the main application as the link for application will not be sent to your email. Read For More Information on PRE-SCREEN QUIZ

This is exactly the question model/pattern you are expected to go through before getting the link for the main registration...
Responses in GREEN are the correct answers.

Then, Step 10 of 10 will be your result. And that will determine whether you proceed to the next stage of the application.

Hmm... was supposed to proceed to the main application guide, but I don't want this guide to be too long. So, I decided to break it into 2 parts. The 2nd part will be the full guide for the main application, with the original prototype questions and answers as expected by the pollination project organization.

Do look forward to that within the next 48hours.
Meanwhile, go ahead and secure your registration link for the main application by following the guide above for the successful completion of the PRE-SCREEN QUIZ.

If you need further support; do reach out to me via whatsapp.

To your success.
From your one and only greatness partner.

Dear Reader,

Let me officially welcome you to the month of March 2019.
And also remind you by the side that 2019 1st Quater is running off in few days.
How far have you gone with your goals/plans/targets?

Remember, a patient dog eats the fattest bone (as the saying goes), but they forgot to had "After an Impatient Dog had eaten the whole Chunk of Meat".

So, get to work. March is here with PLENTY of OPPORTUNITIES for you to grab. Don't wait for things to happen; Make things happen.
And avoid distraction by all MEANS!

Ok …
For everyone of you who applied, Congrats! Congrats because you made a move. The first law of SUCCESS is Showing Up. Be positive, be expectant. Like I mentioned on the Whatsapp Group - for those who submitted a good application (logical and detailed enough), your chances is over 90%, the less than 7% remaining is Favour/Luck/Goodwill powered, because the application is competitive.
So, my advice - pray, engage law of attraction, and do all you can.
But above all, remain OPTIMISTIC.

Talking about opportunities, as one door closes another opens.
That's life. It's what it is.

Till date; I have benefitted from over 7 International and Local Grants Opportunities including but not limited to Expenses Paid Trips for Trainings within and outside Nigeria.

And this year 2019, just within January & February, I have applied for over 10 Grants and All Expenses Paid Training & Forums. Talking about increasing your own success chances, it means doing more - my goal is to submit 200 applications this year…. lol (we die dere - no jokes - no option than to succeed).

So, in few days I will be sharing with you MY A-Z GUIDE ON APPLYING FOR THE POLLINATION PROJECT GRANT. Get Set For It.

If you have an NGO or Social Project With Impact that is just starting or new; you get the $1000 All for FREE, no paying back.
If you have a business or business idea; just starting or started but young; you get the $1000 as a LOAN for 2years before paying back with ZERO interest. And when paying back, you are paying to someone else who need the LOAN not even the organisation. Intersting right?

Watch This Space for more infromation.
Keep in touch; you can even join us on the Whatsapp Group. (Oooh… don't worry about unwanted messages and junks, the group is under padlock and keys, only opened on specific days when we have discusions or questions.)

You can click the link to join group. JOIN THE WHATSAPP GROUP

You can reach me via Whatsapp on +2347038649165 for business enquiries. If you are yet to receive my newsletters with constant updates, do forward your email address to the whatsapp number above.

Let's succeed together.

Your Greatness Partner

Dear Reader,
Before I jump start with the 15 Businesses you can start with at least 100k in Nigeria, let me say; Happy Election Season to us. Please remember to VOTE. Don't forget that bad leaders are elected into power by good citizens who don't vote.

And before I forget; THE TONY ELUMELU ENTREPRENEURSHIP PROGRAMME giving FREE $5000 (N1,525,000) IS CLOSING IN 5 DAYS. You Never Can Tell, So Endeavor to Register. For full guide to register visit; (HOW TO REGISTER FOR TEF)

Okay, as e dey hot (lol).
I ask this question all the time; Is there anyone with only one source of expenses? I'm yet to find one - not even a day old baby. We all have multiple source of expenses, all kinds of stuff that takes money away from us on a daily basis. Then, my next question is; why do so many people settle for one source of income? (maybe you are guilty of that... right?)

You see, in this times and season, multiple source of income is not optional... is not by choice... is a must. And so, I share with you 15 Business Idea Options to consider as side hustle to double your income sources. And if, you don't have one source yet - consider as many as you can below.

1. Bedsheet/Beddings Production.

Pay a visit to Aba, Lagos Island, or Oshodi where they sell bulk materials, pick good designs and I tell you the guys who will sew it for you are just within the same Market. You can start with less than 100k and diligently grow your money.

2. Shirt Production:

A sweet side hustle. There are tailors in Aba,Lagos Island or better learn the skill it will save you all the heartbreaks imaginable. Taiwo Street in Lagos Island is where you should be. Materials ranging from 700 – 1k per yard, sew for 1500/2k, Sell for 5-7k. Go make further findings if interested.

3. Boxers:

Schedule a trip to Aba Market, The cost of production of boxers, you can get one for as low as N300, all you need is to package it in 3s, and market this money spinner properly, beg your friend on twitter for RTs, we buy 3s pack boxers for 1500-2500 sell yours for 1200 and gradually grow.

4. E-Payments and POS Business:

You can get a POS machine from your Bank, and activate online banking: If you live in a place where banks aren’t much you can handle e-payments for people and make your small change. I paid someone N200 to withdraw 10k inside Ikorodu. ATM queue was crazy. So, consider. If not visible in your area find the area where it's visible and earn 40/50k monthly.

5. Mobile and Electronic Accessories:

Mobile and electronic Accessories such as Pouches, Chargers, USB cables, HDMI cables, earphones and more, can be sourced on Alibaba, Ali Express, Deal Extreme, etc. The more you buy the lower the price. And they are light so shipping won’t be a burden. Infact, you can start so small with N25, 000 and sell anywhere including Jumia and co.

6. Popcorn:

We all know this guy called PopCorn - personally, I love him! We buy every time. Bags of corn – Mile 12 Branded Nylon Sugar, Salt & Butter. The beauty of this is when properly made, its aroma will attract its customers. Manual sealing machine -7/9k Popcorn Machine is 65k on Jumia and even esser else where. Popcorn can be served anywhere. It costs less than N40 to make a pack of popcorn. So, love popcorn? Make money off it.

7. Branding – Sales and Customizing

Football team supporters always want to show how much they’re rooting for a team. Considering how sports loving we are in this country, jersey production and other branded items will sell like garri.

8. Snail Farming:

Snail farming in Nigeria is even more popular, due to its relatively cheap cost of startup and If you market your products well, your business will thrive. This is a business you can start from your backyard. Best in mind, snails take almost a year to mature so Patience is Key! (Thats why its caled side hustle.).

9. Fairly Used Goods

Fairly used goods such as Jeans, Tops, t-shirts, shoes etc. They can be sourced at Badagry, even Cotonou. 100k can’t get you a bale but you can select and mix them. Wash them and pack neatly. Marketing is all it takes, you’ll sell and see your money multiply.

10. Cleaning Services:

Some people find it hard to clean their apartments ‘because they’re busy from Monday to Friday and Saturday they have engagement and on Sunday all they wanna do is rest. Your tools won’t cost you up to 30k and you can clean 6 apartments a weekend. If you doubt it, ask around.

11. Home Cooking and Delivery:

You can cook a variety of meals well and apply customer service, People will pay good money for your services, You can run this from home. If you think it's a joke check out She cooks from her home and deliver to customers either for personal meal, small gathering or big event.

12. Digital Marketing:

The success of any business is in its ability to effectively reach its teeming customers and this is achieved by effective marketing: Get a Used Laptop and Smartphone, temporarily, your smartphone can double as your hotspot. Get some tutorial on youtube and get certification in weeks from Alison, Lynda, Edx or others and start marketing yourself. Persistence and Passion is Key.

13. Cakes and Confectionery:

This is one business that always comes to play, people celebrate, and bakers are always consulted. Every month, there is a celebrant. So start with your family and friends. Supply their event cakes or other items.

14. Aso-Oke Beading and Stoning:

Aso-Oke Beading and Stoning has become sometimes in vogue now, and this is another sweet business one can start with 100k. You just have to learn how to bead and unlock your creative mind.

15. Try Multiple Above:

You can try more than one from the list above and see which generate more revenue from you base on geographical location, economic strength, and other factors worth considering.

To be continued…….

🛎Capital shouldn’t be your constraint.
🛎In business, you need the right attitude else you’ll sink.
🛎Ensure friends and family pay for your goods & services.
🛎If you feel you’re too big for a certain kind of business, then you will “sink”.
🛎There’s something the Yorubas call “Afarawe” Copying others lifestyle, don’t do it!


Dear Reader,

Following my recent post on Why You Should Start Your Business in Nigeria (if you haven't seen that - CLICK to Read Now).

I'm starting a new series on 7 Profitable Businesses You Can Start in Nigeria plus how to get started with the business. This is a report compiled by one of the top marketing consultant in Nigeria - Toyin Omotoso. No doubt, the following information is priceless.

Number 1 is Sell Information Based Products.
I don't know if you have heard about selling information based products before or what you think about it.

But here is the truth.

Selling information is a HUGE money maker that is not going to slow down anytime soon.


The world is going to continue to get complex and people are going to need help with figuring out a lot of things. And the good-news to this is that schools can't keep up.

So, the demand for good and helpful information keeps rising which creates a huge opportunity for you and I.

Here is what I am trying to say;
#What university course can teach you how to sell on Instagram?
#What about how to sell online with webinars?
#What about how to handle a cheating spouse?
#What about how to prepare ofada rice sauce (a great bestseller by the way)
#What about how to successfully migrate and work in New Zealand or other countries.
#Or what about how to improve your fertility as a man or woman.

These are just 6 out of thousands of information topics that sells like crazy on the internet. Selling Information Online is What I Call - the lazy man's way to riches and that is because if done well, you can have only N17,500 in your bank account right now, no business, no employee, no house of your own.

But with just a simple information product and a good way to make it, that N17,500 could easily become N175, 000 at least within 10 days.

I can't even say how much money I have made online selling information.

Since 2009 till now, I have made a lot of money selling information on various topics. E.g There was a time I sold a report on "How to buy low cost laptops and blackberry phones online".

That was back in the day when blackberry phones were in vogue. Over a 4 month period, I sold approximately 500 of those at N4000 per copy. If you calculate it, that is about N500,000 per month. And I was doing this without a business name, office or employee.

If I had the type of moindset I have today, Icould have ssold atleast 5000 copies.

And the Information You Sell Doesn't Even Have to Be From Your Personal Experience. E.g Around 2011,a friend of mine got access to a piece of information about wooing a lady.

He didn't write the report.
The report was just about 10 pages.
He ran a N6,500 advert in a newspaper and sold about 50 copies at N1,500 per copy the day advert ran giving him an instant extra income of N65,000.

Another time in 2009, I bought a report with resale rights to it for N7,500. I ran advert for the report for just N6,500 out of my N53,000 or so bank balance that I had. The day the advert ran, I was in a bus on my way to Lagos witha friend when the alerts started coming in so fast.

As a result, we had to change the N5,000 per night hotel we planned to book before to a better hotel. And instead of staying for 2 nights, we stayed 5 nights. Another good thing about selling information (apart from the money) is the good feeling that you get from adding value to people's lives.

When i was selling various reports that helped men with their "other rooms" issues,I felt good each time someone sent in a testimony of how those reports helped his life and marriage. This is probably why I can't stop selling information.

It is probably why I am typing this at 1:31am when others are sleeping.
IMPORTANT: Despite the fact that selling information is a huge money maker, the truth is that not all types of information will make you money.

You need to understand the money plays to demand and supply "like I share during the Money Goals Webinar". You can't just think up anything, create an information product on it and expect it to sell.


It doesn't work that way.
Like several times, someone will come to me and say something along these lines; Hey, I have a brilliant idea about an information product. I want to create an ebook that is titled "THE CPMPLEXITIES OF THE HUMAN BRAIN".

LOL! Who Cares? Noboby!

If you create boring information products like that, only you and anyone feeling sorry for you will buy a copy.

Whatever information you want to sell has to be about 2 things;
1) It must help people overcome a problem or frustration:
E.g if you have access to information about how single women can get to find a husband and get married asap, a lot of women over 30 who are single and under pressure ti get a husband will buy it especially if the sales presentation for the book is very good.

Hmmmm ... maybe I should even do something on this :)

2) Or the information must help them move closer or achieve a hot desire that they have: Atimes, people don't buy because they want to solve a serious problem. They buy because they want to get closer to some strong desire or dream.
E.g because of watching too much Telemundo, alot of women now have certain cravings. An example is artificial hair that makes them look very beautiful like those models and actresses.

This is not basically a problem. But because it is a strong desire, many women spend a large chunk of their money on it.

Based on what I just told you, the big areas where most information are sold are ...

Topics Relating To;
• Finances, Business, Making Money, Investing
• Health, Weight Loss, Beauty, Fertility, Sexual Issues
• Dating, Marriage, Relationship, Sex
Under each of these categories, there are thousands of topics you can work on and make alot of money from E.G Let's take business for instance.

Under business, you can have marketing and other sub-categories like management. hiring etc

Even under marketing, you can still have several sub-categories again like social media marketing, video marketing, SMS marketing etc.

And under social media marketing. there are other sub-categories again like;
• Facebook marketing
• Instagram Marketing
• Youtube Marketing
• Linkedin Marketing
• Etc

Under Facebook marketing, you can even have sub-categories again like;
• Facebook Video marketing
• Facebook Chatbot marketing
• Facebook Group marketing
• Etc
These lists keep getting bigger everyday. It is endless. It is CRAZY!

That Bring Us To a Big Question;
Can one make big money from selling information products?

I don't know what your definition of big money is but let me just say this;
Last week, my partner and I created a new campaign to sell a special information products package.We tested it and it brought in N2.2m within a week.

100% Profit.

Many people don't even make N2.2m in 2years.
And yet, we made it from a small test that we ran to promote an information product. We are now working to improve it and promote it massively.

If everything goes fine, we should be looking at a considerate income of N400m this year from this product alone.

There are people I also know (young mostly) who make an average of $10,000 a month only from their information business.

One of my friends who is a silent internet market in Abuja was making N1.5m a month back in 2009. I am not even sure what his income looks like now.

A guy named Peter has an ebook (about 54 pages) on "getting one night stands" with women that sells for $100 per copy (N36,500 each). And he was selling an average 40 copies a day before he sold the business.

Think about that.
40 * $100 (N36,500) = $4000 (N1,460,000) a day

Some small minded people will read this and say LIAR.
Just like one guy said when I talked about making N700k in 5 days.

Well, I am not writing this for such people. I am writing this for few who will believe and take action. I am not saying your results will look like the ones I just talked about as a beginner. I am only throwing these numbers around so that you can realize that this is no child's play.

There are other big guys like Eben Pagan who makes $20m - $30m a year with his own information business.

Mind you, $7m is the same thing as N2.45Billion

And he made that within 3 months selling information. The new business eventually went on generate $20m within the first first 1year.

Let me not even talk about another information based business that now makes $1Billion a year. That is not a typo error. That is a Capital B for Billion.

Making money from selling information is mostly about 3 steps...
1) Start by deciding on a topic that people will buy
2) Package or create the information into a product
3) Create a system to market the information product

Today, you can sell information in various formats;
- You can sell it as a simple ebook in PDF format.
- You can sell it as a video
- You can sell it as a full blown course
- You can sell it as an audio
- You can sell it as a webinar, seminar or teleseminar.
- You can sell it as coaching
- You can sell it as a membership content

As a newbie - just starting out, one of the fastest and easiest ways to get started with this business is by creating and selling your information products as simple reports.

And that is because you can get it started without the need for a lot of capital or resources.

That is actually how I started.
That is how most of my students started.

If you want to get started with this right away.
You can signup for my one-on-one coaching by sending me an email at or chat me on whatsapp through +2347038649165.

Also, you can visit to watch a video by Mr Toyin Omotoso on getting started with INFO PRODUCTS.

If you find this helpful, drop a comment below as I did love to read from you.

Also, remember to add your email address so you can get update about the next post addressing NUMBER 2 PROFITABLE BUSINESS YOU CAN DO.

For now, I say BYE!

Dear Reader, With great pleasure, I write to you again today. Trust January was a good start for you. The month ends in few hours. So, anticipate the possibilities that February is coming with. Okay... let's get into it. Starting a business is what you should consider this year if you are yet to. And I really don't believe that business is meant for certain people and not for some (if you want it, you can have it). The reality is that - everyone can own business (the size don't matter). Everybody can not own an MTN, or a MULTILINK or DANGOTE. But we all can run a small business that serves a community and makes an impact. And check the developed nations - SME'S (small and medium enterprises) drives economic growth. So, smaller business matters more than the bigger - conglomerate businesses for the economic growth of any nation. Again, I understand many people boil with ideas and passions of what they love to do - the business they love to start, a solution they want to offer to canter a particular problem they hate, a product or service that lit a fire inside of them, but yet don't know whether to start, and some worried about how to start. Here is your green light to get started now; 11 unbeatable reasons why you should start your business or whatever idea now (Plus where to get FREE money to start - #wink (sure u like dat part). 11 unbeatable reasons why Nigeria needs your business and idea now. Lets-go-there... Number #1: We Don't Have Enough Business in Nigeria Okay, no jokes. We seriously lack enough business in Nigeria. And that explains our struggle with the unemployment rate. We have uncountable unemployed graduates out there and super-uncountable unemployed non-graduates (or whatever you call them). Our population is on the massive increase - approximated at the moment to 185-200million (none of such in Africa). Yet, the jobs available do not commensurate with the population-rate. So, here is the number one reason why you should get started with your business/idea. Nigeria Needs you and your business to survive. Millions of unemployed youth need you as an employer - not submitting application letters "uppandan" with dem. I'm not joking. And that's alot of money on the table for you if you start. Talking about money .... Number #2: Make More Money An entrepreneur once said; "as an employee, there are limits to how much money you will make because you are pre-defined by a line item in an accounting ledger". And this is the reality; no matter how much you make for your company - your Boss will never be over-happy to the point of over-paying you more than how much he pays himself/herself. The Boss needs the money - infact, a more critical case in Nigeria is that employees are generally underpaid. People work more and earn lower wages. Someone once said; it's more profound in Nigeria that employees are only paid enough to keep themselves alive to come back to work the next month. Only living for the job - nothing else. And it's so sad that we have alot of people who wake up daily to go to work they hate, sit in an office they dislike, to serve a Boss they detest all in other to collect a salary that will never be enough all so they could buy what they love. That's life in it's lowest form. Start your business. Start - it's not going to be easy - yeah. But can't be worse than your present situation. And you can even start alongside your present job. You Make More Money working for yourself if you know what you are doing. Number #3: Job Security The term job security is not created for employees- its an invention for employers. Who guarantees you security on a job you don't own? If your Boss had a nightmare, he can decide to fire you the next day. But starting your own business offers you job security - infact not only you but your children. Meanwhile, if the job offers you security, can you pass another mans business down to your children after retirement (mostly applicable to government workers). Civil servants pride more in job security but yet can not guarantee their generation same job. Your business offers the luxury of security, and your children's children can inherit your business. So, if you care about job security - if the idea of job security gladdens your heart, start your business now. Number #4: Work on Things That Matters to You Another reality is that starting your business offers you the ability to work on things that matter to you not what one Boss somewhere wants you to do. And this is the height and definition of fulfillment. Life simply becomes more meaningful to you. You are not stocked with a to-do list of some task someone doesn't love doing and passed down to you. You choose the projects you work on. You design your own job description as an employer. You work not on anything that comes to your ways but only on what matters to you. I don't feel bad writing the readers of I'm glad staying awake all night creating contents for my subscribers. Number #5: Flexible Schedule This is one luxury starting your own business offers you. You run a flexible schedule working from anywhere you desire anytime. As an employee - you dare not. Your Boss determines when you resume when you go on break to eat or whatever, even when you close. Where you sit to work, how you dress to work - completely caged living a life far from self-expression all because of a monthly token that's never enough. But when you kickstart your business - you decide whether to work from office, bed or toilet. For me, I work best at night, so I go to bed around 7am and get up 11am (as an employee, a boss wants me to resume 8am to work when I'm still in bed.) But as an employer, I rest without worries with my phone on silence until I'm up and refreshed. So, If working with flexible schedules matters to you -Start Your Business. Number #6: Be The Boss You'd Want I have seen and heard of people talk about terrible bosses. And ofcourse, I do agree some Boss are just difficult to deal with. So starting your business simply offers you the opportunity to be the kind of Boss you did love to work for. You are able to practice the values and principles that matter to you most. If you love early salary payment as an employee - starting your own business offers that room to pay your staff early like you love. Number #7: Spend More Time With Your Loved Once Incase you haven't noticed, of all the activities, that battles for our time and attention... work takes the largest percentage - do the math. Calculate the hours spent at work, and compare it with the hours spent while engaged in your other endeavors, be it in church, mosque or otherwise, time with family and friends, time to sleep, time for recreation etc. Work time takes the lead. So, now imagine you are stuck with a job that completely takes the whole of you with no option - can be a pain in the ass. But running your business offers you the luxury of flexibility with time (ofcourse, your business will demand more time from you to grow). But you are in charge, you control how the time works and so - you can always create enough time for your loved one. But being an employee - that can be just a dream. Seriously Number #8: Create a Legacy Launching your own business means you have something to pass over to your children. Meanwhile, as an employee - you cannot pass down your job to your children - no matter the level of love your boss has for you. You can not give what you don't own. So, if only for the love of your family - and the future of your children. Start your own business now. Number #9: Tap Into Hidden Creativity Let's face it; as an employee, you function within a job description. The employment letter given to you places you in a Box. And that limits what you can do, and the level you can experiment too. But starting your own business places you in an open field to just EXPERIMENT. Your creativity juice flows better when you are in charge. Working for yourself automatically removes all limitations from you. So, get started. Number #10: Delegate Responsibilities That You Don't Like Funny, but true. So true. Are you aware as a Boss - you can easily delegate either of two task - first, a task you don't understand that proves difficult and secondly a task that you don't enjoy doing. Yes. Being a business owner means you have the power to focus on aspects of the business that you want. You can easily delegate other duties to others. For my company - The DANIEL AJUMOBI Company Ltd - I hate the accounting area (damn, it makes me sick) - I won't think twice before outsourcing that task even if I cannot employ a full-time accountant for my business. So, you are FREE to delegate or better still outsource. Number #11: You Either Build Your Own Business or Another Man Business See, no one here on earth can be on the fence. You must be engaged either way. You are either building your business or another man's business. You are either building your own dream or another man's dream. The question is - WHY NOT YOURS? ALSO READ: HOW TO GET N1,535,000 TO START YOUR BUSINESS So, get to work. Put your business concept together. Refine your ideas. Nigeria needs you badly. Unemployed youth needs you greatly. If you need help with your BUSINESS PLAN - GET IN TOUCH. And look forward to the next article of STARTING YOUR BUSINESS SERIES. See you at the top. Keep Thriving.

Dear Reader,

Been awhile, trust you are doing great and hope you are taking advantage of all openings/opportunities coming your way this season? 2019 is already -26 days and some of us already counting down to 2020 most especially if you have a Vision2020 like me... #smiles.

After my tours in the year 2018 - to both local and international destinations across states in Nigeria and 6 African countries +others.
I decided to write about places you can visit without visa with your Nigerian passport (as I know that's the top problem we face mostly. I had similar experiences with few visa interviews) and I also recommend you that you make sure you explore in 2019.

Remember the famous quote by Saint Augustine - "The world is a book and those who do not travel only read one page." This is very true, and I did not realise this until I made my very first trip ever out of Nigeria in 2018. I realise that travelling is really an important part of life. It expands the box you live in and gives you a dynamic view and thinking about the world and life in general. Travelling offers you the opportunity to read the world - from Africa, to Asia, Europe, America etc

On each page, you might meet new people, form new relationships, find and discover new languages, cultures, food and more. Of course, you will enjoy some ‘pages’ more than others – but even the parts you don’t enjoy at the time may have a profound effect on you later in life. On each page, you might find a new, taste, flavour, scent, vision or sound that will make your world a richer place.

Talking about visa-free access to countries; The Japanese passport still remains the most powerful passport in the world with access to 190 destinations (countries) visa-free/visa-on-arrival. I know you did love to hold one of such passport in your hands.

Enough said; here are 44 plus new 3 countries you can visit with your Nigerian passport without the need for a visa;

According to the Henley Passport Index which depends on data provided by the International Air Transport Authority (IATA), Nigeria gained visa-free access (net-free access) to three new countries, bringing our visa-free access to 47 countries.

1 - Cambodia * Read About

2 - Maldives * Read About

3 - Timor-Leste * Read About

4 - Benin * Read About

5 - Burkina Faso Read About

6 - Cameroon Read About

7 - Cape Verde Islands Read About

8 - Chad Read About

9 - Comores Islands * Read About

10 - Cote d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast) Read About

11 - Djibouti * Read About

12 - Gambia Read About

13 - Ghana Read About

14 - Guinea Read About

15 - Guinea-Bissau Read About

16 - Kenya * Read About

17 - Liberia Read About

18 - Madagascar * Read About

19 - Mali Read About

20 - Mauritania * Read About

21 - Mauritius * Read About

22 - Mozambique * Read About

23 - Niger Read About

24 - Rwanda * Read About

25 - Senegal Read About

26 - Seychelles * Read About

27 - Sierra Leone Read About

28 - Somalia * Read About

29 - Tanzania * Read About

30 - Togo Read About

31 - Uganda * Read About

32 - Cook Islands Read About

33 - Fiji Read About

34 - Micronesia Read About

35 - Niue Read About

36 - Palau Islands * Read About

37 - Samoa * Read About

38 - Tuvalu * Read About

39 - Vanuatu Read About

40 - Barbados Read About

41 - Dominica Read About

42 - Haiti Read About

43 - Montserrat Read About

44 - St. Kitts and Nevis Read About

45 - Bolivia* Read About

46 - Iran * Read About

47 - Lebanon * Read About

PS: Countries with an asterisk require a visa on arrival. 

ALSO READ: 21 Reasons Why You Need a Website in 2019

Let me add that my last year experience of a tour across 6 West African countries was quite exciting and exhausting... and guess what - I did love to have that experience again and again. And so, this year I'm looking forward to another tour - this time maybe 10 countries in 2weeks.
If you will love to join the train (and be part of the tour), comment below stating your interest (also drop your email and phone number below).

I will get in touch with you.
Ofcourse, no plans yet ... we are gonna plan it together.

So, please make sure you enjoy the wave of 2019 and explore as much as you can.

See You Around.
Keep Thriving.



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